Door air curtains with Tandem technology.


  • 38 % energy savings using Tandem technology
  • Minimal heating requirement with the same penetration depth
  • Valves (optional) can be concealed behind the casing
  • Short delivery times for our standard door air curtains
  • For controlled screening of cold air with open doors
  • Energy savings of up to 38% compared to conventional systems
  • Two stacked fan groups for ambient air stream and warm air stream (Tandem technology)
  • Improved use of space Workplaces can be arranged more closely to the entrance
  • Faster return on investment compared to conventional systems
  • Coanda effect to improve the depth of penetration of the door air curtain:
    • Ambient air stream pulls the warm air stream
    • Improved screening and higher installation heights compared to conventional systems
  • Ambient air stream acts as a back-up stream
  • Adverse energy-intensive turbulence occurs primarily between the outside air and the unheated ambient air stream
  • Adverse weather stays outside, thanks to the enhanced penetration depth between two parallel air streams of different temperature
  • High-performance copper/aluminium heat exchanger
  • Easily removable air filter (grade G 2 in line with DIN EN 779); easy to clean by vacuuming or washing
  • Anti-torsion mechanism for heating connections prevents damage to the heat exchanger when screwing in the valves; valves optionally available as accessories

Technical details:

Tandem 300/385
  • Versatile use in showrooms and sales floors of all kinds, malls and public buildings
  • Wall or ceiling-mounted
  • Modular design enables multiple devices to appear as a single visual unit
  • Installation also possible with casing provided by customer or concealed withint the suspended ceiling
  • Lengths 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 m (Tandem 300)
  • Lengths 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 m (Tandem 385)
  • Suitable for mounting heights of:
    • 2.7 to 3.4 m (Tandem 300)
    • 3.5 to 4.0 m (Tandem 385)
  • Also available as an electric unit (Tandem 300 Electric), for even faster installation and a wider range of applications
  • KaControl system or electromechanical control possible
  • Integration in KaControl networks or building automation systems, such as BACnet, Modbus or LON possible
  • Special designs, such as vertical unit above doorway on request

In addition to the warm air curtain, a separate fan group produces an unheated primary air curtain that has a greater penetration depth and acts as a "back-up" air stream for the warm air curtain. At the same time it acts as a separately layer towards the cold outside air: cold outside air cannot penetrate in and warm air cannot escape.


The penetration depth and screening effect are both increased by the contraction of the primary air stream and the warm air stream without this needing additional energy. This also means that the units can even be fitted at a greater height.


An energy-saving of approx. 38 % is possible by the combination of:

  • Increased penetration depth caused by the Coanda effect
  • Unheated primary air stream
  • A resulting smaller volume of warm air curtain

Download documents:

  Kampmann spezial Tandem   (770.64 KB)
  Tandem 300/385 - installation manual   (2.95 MB)