Central supply of decentralised and centralised units with heating and cooling, based on the environmentally-friendly medium of water.


  • 0-100% power adjustment via speed-controlled inverter compressor
  • Constant flow temperature control for consistent output by consumers
  • Extremely quiet as no ON/OFF cycles
  • low starting currents
  • low refrigerant volumes to avoid harmful F-gases
  • heat exchanger provided with hydrophilic coating
  • 0-100% adjustable EC fans
  • on-demand defrost control
  • integrated energy-saving circulation pump, safety valve, flow monitor and dirt trap
  • for indoor or outdoor installation
  • office air conditioning
  • retail chains as well as showrooms and sales floors
  • industrial cooling
  • weather-based temperature control
  • cooling mode from -10°C to +45°C
  • heating mode from -20°C to +45°C
  • flexible air outlet when installed indoors
  • AXI-TOP diffuser for noise reduction

Kampmann offers air-cooled chillers for installation outside and inside up to 170 kW cooling output as standard. Non-standard units are also available with different designs and specifications up to a cooling output of up to 1,600 kW, for example with water-cooled, with integral cooling or with worm or turbo compressor.


A substantial proportion of the weight or space requirement of a chiller is due to the water storage tank required. The weight and space requirement, or the buffer tank, can be significantly reduced or avoided completely thanks to aqualogic. The integral speed-variable pump and special control system reduce the minimum water content in the system.


Refrigerant R410A has a higher volumetric cooling output than R407C for example. Components, like the compressor, can thereby be reduced. The operating weight and dimensions are also reduced by this. The refrigerant is not flammable and has no adverse effects on the ozone when released - this is why it is often known as a safety refrigerant.


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