Miroslav Gulam, BSc. ing. Arch. (associate)

Office building - Steel (steel rolling), Stupnik 1200m2
Commercial building "REHAU", Zagreb - detailed design 5000 m2
Stone carving workshop "Jerbić" Sv. Sunday - main and detailed design 1200 m2
Business building "Brkovic," St. Sunday - detailed design 1800 m2
Commercial property "MABA-COM", St. Sunday - detailed design 850 m2
Business center "HT", Drvinje - preliminary, main and detailed 2100 m2
Foundry die-cast, Sesvete - preliminary, main project 3000 m2
Concrete plant-Rugvica "CITY", Dugo Selo - preliminary, main and detailed design 150.000 m2
Commercial building - "FINVEST" Škorpikova bb - a major project, the project water supply and sewage 2500 m2
Commercial building - "OMV Indo", Stupnik - main project 2400 m2
Commercial building - ECOS TRADE - a major project, the project water supply and sewage  4500 m2
Residential building "Bažulić" Pag - preliminary and final design 700 m2
Commercial building "OKTAL-PHARMA" - the main project, reports construction. physics, fire and IAC 800 m2
Restoration and landscaping RUGVIČKA streets - traffic project planning