The KaController controls the broad range of Kampmann systems and is equipped with the very latest technology, providing the user with the option of adapting the air conditioning system in a building to the actual needs of the users. Up to two switching on and off times can be configured for every day of the week so that demand-led room temperature control can be set by the user.


  • Exclusive attractive design
  • Interactive operation, application-orientated display
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Operating unit with large display
  • White plastic housing, similar in colour to RAL 9010
  • Communications interface to the Kampmann tLAN bus system
  • Large display with automatic background lighting
  • Integral room temperature sensor
  • Push-turn navigator with continuous turn/click function
  • Individually changeable basic display
  • Integral weekly switching programme
  • Password-protected parameterisable level
  • Room control unit coordinated to Kampmann product range
  • Flush-mounted box needed for installation


There are two different versions of KaController to ensure that it can be ideally adapted to the user's habits. The focus is on temperature and fan speed settings on the single-button version (without operating keys), while the version with side functional keys enables the user to select all of the different menu points, such as timer program, time etc. using quick selection keys. Both versions of the KaController can be interchanged at any time.

Online-Simulation KaController

Download documents:

  KaCotroller short guide   (339.68 KB)