Slimline unit for heating, cooling, ventilating and filtering


  • Energy efficiency through EC technology
  • noise optimised by FlowGrid
  • high output with flat construction
  • slim-line unit for heating, cooling, ventilation and filtering
  • for heat recovery, fresh air, mixed air, recirculating air, heating or cooling mode
  • shallow height and compact design for when space is at a premium: hence versatile installation options
  • air filter options for every application (e.g. particle filters)
  • well though-through design and careful production guarantee top quality
  • sendzimir galvanized housing has a torsion-resistant design with brackets for wall- and ceiling mounting; double-walled thermally insulated, smooth interior
  • energy-efficient electronically commutated EC radial fan (230 V) with backward curved impeller made of high-tech composite material
  • heat recovery module with counter-flow plate heat exchanger for up to 90% heat recovery
  • copper/aluminium cooling or heating unit suitable for use with LPHW/CPW or refrigerant

Technical details:

Airblock FG
  • for use indoors, ideal for installation in raised ceilings, but can also be used in cellars or adjacent rooms
  • ideal for demand-led heating, ventilation and cooling of intermittently used rooms, such as meeting rooms
  • following models of Airblock FG are available:
    • combined supply air/exhaust air unit with heat recovery
    • supply air system
    • exhaust air system
    • combined supply air/exhaust air system
    • recirculating air overpressure systems
    • fresh air overpressure systems
  • our sizes up to a maximum air volume of 5450 m³/h with supply air and 7780 m³/h with exhaust air
  • inspection flaps on the underside of the housing for ease of access to the filter and fan
  • motor and impeller and mounted on the hinged inspection flap, which simply drops down for maintenance purposes
  • connection flange on the suction and discharge side, for the assembly of a range of attachments with standard frame dimensions from the accessories range:
    • heat recovery
    • air filter (F7/H13)
    • refrigerant (LPHW, CPW)
    • sound attenuator
    • insulation connections
    • mixed air systems

Their shallow height and compact construction offers a wide range of installation options, especially where installation space is limited, for instance in suspended ceilings. Airblock FG units are also especially suitable for demand-led heating, ventilation and cooling of rooms that are not continuously in use.


Combinations of the Airblock FG units are especially suitable for use in meeting and conference rooms, hotels and resturants, as well as in supermarkets, where the requisite overpressure-ventilation is the ideal solution for fresh meat and cheese counters.


They meet the basic requirements of the Hygiene Directive VDI 6022, thanks to their double-shell construction, structural design with smooth internal surfaces of the main supply air and discharge air components and chiller and filter units, as well as filters available in various quality classes.


Download documents:

  Airblock FG - installation manual   (4.98 MB)
  Kampmann spezial Airblock FG   (2.3 MB)