Ceiling heating and cooling cassette


  • Minimalist cassette design
  • Optionally regulated with KaControl, suitable for use with a building management system
  • Optional whisper-quiet EC fan
  • Discreet cassette design
  • Short delivery times make you fast and flexible
  • Fully automated KaControl controller or networking with existing external building automation
  • Available in six sizes
  • Fan units as multi-stage fans or infinitely variable EC fans
  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe system
  • Fresh air connection optional
  • Optionally available with infrared remote control
  • 2- or 3-way valves as accessories

Technical details:

KaCool D
  • Trouble-free good climate in offices and commercial buildings, hotels and showrooms and sales floors
  • In combination with Kampmann chillers as a complete solution to create a pleasant indoor climate
  • Plastic ceiling panel in signal white (RAL 9003) for an elegant ceiling connection
  • Connection option for air outlets provided by the customer
  • Integral condensation pump to remove condensation
  • Simple installation and maintenance

Cold water cassettes KaCool D are used for air conditioning with recirculating air. They are designed for installation within a suspended ceiling and, when installed, all that is visible is their attractive front panel. Cold water cassettes KaCool D are simple to control and operate with water as their environmentally-friendly cooling medium.


The KaCool D chiller cassettes are available in two different sizes:

  • Sizes 1 to 3 with ceiling panel dimensions of 670 x 670 mm; the suspended ceiling height needs to be 296 mm.
  • Sizes 4 to 6 with ceiling panel dimensions of 965 x 965 mm; the suspended ceiling height needs to be 329 mm.

The filter element fitted to protect the heat exchanger can be simply removed by opening the panel from below. It can be cleaned by rinsing with water or vacuuming. To prevent it from being damaged, the condensation tray should be regularly cleaned by a technician and the condensation pump should be checked.


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