Unit heaters: wall- and ceiling-mounted units


  • Factory-fitted single row ceiling or wall louvre
  • Whisper-quiet sickle-blade fan with optimised full nozzle
  • Unbeatable in terms of value for money
  • Unbeatable in terms of value for money
  • TIP units essentially meet the demand for cost-effective and controllable air handling.
  • Neutral in colour, it is robust and strong
  • Single-row DeWaTIP louvre (wall/ceiling unit) and motor guard are supplied as standard
  • Infinitely adjustable and can be controlled centrally
  • Aerodynamic sickle-blade whisper-quiet cast-aluminium fan with optimised full nozzle
  • The following models of fan are available:
    • 1-stage, 1-phase sickle-blade whisper-quiet fan 230 V/50 Hz
    • 2-stage, 3-phase sickle-blade whisper-quiet fan 400 V/50 Hz
  • With copper/aluminium heat exchanger, ideal for low temperature systems

Technical details:

  • Production plants, workshops and assembly plants
  • Industrial and commercial work places,
  • Housing with standard wall/ceiling brackets
  • Pure recirculating air units without a wide range of fittings
  • Fast delivery service: All two-stage 3-phase and single-stage 1-phase units in all sizes are available ex-stock.
  • Housing self-supporting, completely made of galvanised steel metal
  • Simple fitting of discharge air-side accessories, such as the two-row louvre and 4-way diffuser

Whisper-quiet sickle-blade fans with outer rotor motors are used that stand out thanks to their high air volumes and low noise levels. Without the need for a projecting motor block, they are compact unit and are fused by integral thermal contacts and an additional motor protection switch.


Fixing holes incorporated as standard enables the units to be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted. Ceiling-mounted is preferable if there is a choice between the two methods of installation, as temperature stratification is thereby significantly minimised.


Galvanised sheet steel is hard-wearing and damage-proof and is temperature-resistant. The colour is neutral but it can be painted if required. The simple folding technique of the metal also guarantees a cost-effective manufacturing process.


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