Huge importance is attached to the operation and observation of system functions in building management.


  • Reduction of energy consumption with an intelligent control system
  • Documentation of the energy consumption
  • Increased safety through monitoring

KaControl offers users the option of simple access to KaControl controllers by means of different bus protocols. Modbus and BACnet/IP are available as bus protocols for interface cards and gateways.

One RS485 card must be plugged in per KaControl for integration into a Modbus system. Users have access to various system parameters, such as target temperature, room temperature or operating mode.

One RS485 cards must be plugged in per KaControl for integration into a BACnet/IP system and a superordinate BACnet/IP gateway must be installed. User have simple access to the system functions of th KaControl PCB vua BACnet/IP interface. 

  • Unit ON/OFF
  • Unit Eco/Day
  • Room temperature
  • Target room temperature
  • Set fan stage
  • Set operating mode
  • Fault
  • Heat demand
  • Cooling demand 

Integration of KaControl into a BACnet/IP network

Integration of KaControl into a Modbus network

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