TDC is a croatian company with its headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia and a branch in Germany. We deal with elevator installation, distribution of heating, cooling and ventilation systems as well as planning and supervision.

The company was founded in 1990 and has since expanded its activities regularly. Our work began in the same year with the representation of foreign companies on the croatian territory.

The first extension of the company was related to the planning and supervision - the development of architectural and construction projects as well as designing of engineering, water supply, sewerage and electrical lines.

Since 1999, the branch was established in Germany and the company's activities were expanded to activities related to the installation and maintenance of transportation systems (elevators, escalators and the like). The company's activity in this area is based on a large experience, which ther employees have gathered in their long and very successful work in the area of ​​Germany as well as on the Croatian market.

Furthermore, the business expanded again in 2005 and TDC became an authorized partner and general dealer of Kampmann GmbH, Lingen, Germany, for the Republic of Croatia and later also for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia.

The company Kampmann GmbH is one of the leading and oldest manufacturers of equipment and systems in the areas of heating-cooling-ventilation.