Clima Formu 2017. Published: 19. 09. 2017 - 10:46

Join us at the upcoming Forum - TDC d.o.o. proud co-organizer of the Clima-Forum 2017.

Clima-Forums are held bi-annually. The first Clima-Forum was held in 2007 in Zadar, which was the venue also in 2009 and 2011, while in 2013 and 2015 the venue was Zagreb. The venue in 2017 is chosen to be Osijek. The programme in 2017 will again last for two days and will be divided into five or six thematic sections (chapters).

Clima-Forum is a central place for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and opinions in the field of refrigeration, ventilation and air-conditioning and all the related fields. Accordingly, Clima-Forum gathers all those for which the heating, cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning are parts of their everyday work or who come with these fields in connection such as designers, installers and repairmen of the cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, managers and owners of the refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, consultants, developers and investors in the projects, representatives of the producer and traders of cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, scientists and researchers and students from higher education institutions, representatives of the relevant state and inspection authorities and institutions from the field of the construction and environmental protection and many others.

In addition, as an ambitious program of energy renovation of buildings for various purposes (family houses, residential, public, commercial, industrial and of tourist buildings, etc.) has currently been implemented, at the Clima-Forum 2017 a round table will be held about that topic and will gather representatives of the relevant state authorities and institutions (ministries, funds, etc.), designers and constructors.

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